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The Beginnings

Recently I made a goal for myself. One that will take many turns and bumps into culture, food, health, the environment, self-control, education, community, and industry. I have decided to cut out all processed “food-like” substances from my diet and to eat as much locally and organically grown and raised foods as possible.

Just a couple days ago, I finished reading a book that got me started on all of this. I recommended it to everyone; In Defense of Food: An Eaters Manifesto by Michael Pollan. There is so much in this book that I don’t know I could not do it justice in a summary. Let me just say, this is the most enlightening and fascinating book I have ever read about food and “nutritionism”.

As Pollan describes it: “Eat Food. Not To Much. Mostly Plants.” This is my resolution. It is simple in theory, but it’s out-workings will certainly be complex. Who knows what adventures lie ahead of me 😀


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